Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Skating at Officer's Square in Fredericton on January 28, 2011. Access to the rink is from the change room down a slight incline past the statue of Lord Beaverbrook to the rink. And Yes, it is a slight incline up past the statue to get off the ice.

The square is really nice, it is right downtown and on the water too.

We had a nice, sunny warm day. My nephew did not bring his skates but did get on the ice for a photo. Kirk is a student of St. Thomas University in Fredericton.

And the Whitters', don't they look great! Heather got off work a little early and picked up the kids, Scott, Lauren and John. They brought their pleasure skating skates (not their good hockey skates), (who knew?). We had a great time downtown, the ice was nice and smooth and I was practising so as not to fall on their backyard ice. (see next blog)

I was just thrilled they made time to come and skate with me.

This is my third time with these photos, third time lucky I guess! I have also included a photo of me and family friend Tim who came in from Grand Lake to make sure we made it. And I put in the photo of Roger taking our photo because I cannot image kneeling on skates and balancing a camera, I am still excited that I can skate on these knees. I get so excited when I am in full skating mode that nothing is going to happen and I just love it.

After this we went over to the Whitters', for the true Canadian experience, the backyard rink!

See you later!

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