Sunday, January 2, 2011

Skating in Halifax

Back on my skates!!!

Well, I got to Halifax last week. I received two emails about their new Canada Games Ice Oval and it is open to the public until the games start and of course weather permitting. I had thought I might get to the Citadel during their Victorian days in November, but they did not bring in the ice rink this year, so I was happy to learn about their new oval.

In spite of the stormy weather in the Maritimes, it seemed to have gone around Halifax and there was not a lot of snow there. It was very cold and great weather for outdoor ice skating.

And, are those Haligonians ready for a new rink. I have not shared the ice with so many skaters, all ages, all sizes, men, women and children. The primary difference in skating in Halifax is that the skaters sport Canadiens sweaters, and there were a noticeable number of skaters wearing the racing skates. I had a pair when I was a teenager, but I stopped wearing them when they were banned from public rinks. (I will have to check to see if Mom still has them.)

The oval is 400 metres around and was built for the Canada Games at the Halifax Commons just outside the Citadel. They had live music playing, a Bear Claw shack, warming shacks, a skate and helmet rental and even a movie screen. There was a cold wind blowing and it blew a lot of us part way around the rink. Fortunately they brought out the Zamboni after about an hour, as I was ready for a break. A large number of skaters were willing to wait the hour for a nice clean sheet of ice.

It was a lot easier skating this time. I was not so nervous, so it was really a lot of fun being with the friendly crowd.

Thanks for joining me again and I hope you will come along as I will be in Fredericton and Charlottetown toward the end of the month.

I have my photos posted separately.