Friday, February 4, 2011

Fredericton, New Brunswick

January 28, 2011 was a beautiful clear, sunny day. My Mom and I enjoyed the drive to Fredericton from Miramichi. We were meeting my skating pals at Officer's Square downtown at 2:30.
You couldn't have asked for a better skating day.

Officer's Square is on the Saint John river and they have a nice new change room and the ice was perfect. You come out of the change room and skate down a ramp (lots of fun there trying to stay upright) around the statute of Lord Beaverbrook (for whom many ice rinks in the province are named) and on to a large square rink. Of course afterwards you skate up the ramp to the change room (again lots of fun staying upright).

Well, this was the best skate ever! As I have said in previous blogs, I skate much better with an audience. (I don't want to fall, nor do I want to fall in front of witnesses). Well, we had a big crowd. My Mom sat on the edge of the ice, our friend Tim was the designated photographer, my brother in law, Roger and his daughter Heather and her three kids, John, Lauren and Scott Whitters. My nephew, a student at St. Thomas University also dropped by. Of course the hit was the Whitters, they patiently waited and followed my blog all last year hoping I would add their personal rink to the list.

Finally the day had arrived and we had a lot of fun at the rink, followed up with a skate on their very own back yard ice. It too was nice ice and it was pretty big, I thought it was at least half the size of the Butchart Gardens ice. They all have skates for pleasure skating and good skates for hockey. Of course they all play hockey, yes, even Lauren.

I hope I get now to publish the photos of both rinks, so you can see how great it is. By the way, Officer's Square has a webcam and you can see it for yourself. Today it is busy too. The day we were there was just after a snowstorm and the webcam was not too clear.

Nine down one to go!! St. John's here I come!!

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  1. Boy of boy are you having fun... it was nice to catch up on yourf skating.

    love it.

    we are in Fort Myers Meach and travelling up to Sarasota this week. Just taking it easy.

    hugs to you both. Keep onskating.

    judi and alain