Sunday, April 18, 2010

Skating deferred until December 2010

Well, sorry folks, I thought I would get to skate in the Atlantic Provinces in March, but alas, by the time I found time in March it was too warm and the outdoor rinks in Fredericton and Charlottetown were melted. It was unusual for me to get 3 degrees in Regina in January, but the warm weather was across the country all winter.
I will pick it up again next winter. Sometimes it is cold enough in November and December to get the outdoor rinks open.
At The Citadel in Halifax in November 2009 they had an ice rink, for a long weekend of festivities and you could rent the "old style" skates and skate right at The Citadel. It was a huge success and they will probably do it again this November, so I can start again at that venue.
I have not made any particular decision about skating in Whitehorse, or Iqualit but Air Canada is offering additional flight service to Iqualit starting this year, so maybe I will add them to my schedule. For now my goal is the ten Provinces and a grand finale at The Rideau Canal in Ottawa.
So thanks for coming along this far with me and I will pass the word when I start up again.
Six down, four to go! See you then!