Sunday, December 13, 2009

Now I will take some time and try and tell you how exciting Victoria and Butchart Gardens are at this time of year. Everything is lit up for Christmas and the city is abuzz with Olympics hype. But the best part of my skate was "my peeps". My friend and her daughter agreed to join me from their home in Vancouver and at the last minute, my nephew and his daughter also came from Vancouver and they brought their skates.
I hadn't seen Mrs. Schindler or Stephanie since they moved out there 7 years ago, actually since my knee operation. I haven't seen Aaron since his wedding in 1996 and I really enjoyed that visit and his 6 year old daughter. Even though my luggage (including skates and camera) were missing I managed to rent skates and a digital camera, so I got tons of photos.
The rink at The Gardens is a bit elevated, so that when you skate you are looking across to the lights instead of up at them. Everything was so beautiful. It was unusually cold there but I thought 1 degree was pretty nice after Edmonton. And I think the cold added to the sharpness and sparkle of the lights.
Once I get my luggage (yes, misplaced going and coming), I will get the photos and post them.
Talk to you later.

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