Friday, January 15, 2010

Regina, Saskatchewan

Well it was a balmy 3 degrees in Regina on January 12, 2010. Coming in on the plane it is so flat and being so high up I thought I could see for miles and miles. Some of the snow fences looked like they were blue, instead of that burnt orange colour that I am familiar with. I wondered if the reflection of the sun and the shadows made them look blue? I couldn't be sure.

I went out to Wascana Park to skate. It is directly across the Lake from the Legislature and you can see its dome in the photo I posted. They have a small marina in the summertime and in in winter they make a circular rink at the edge of the park. The trees that are cut as park maintenance are stored around the circle and after it snows they pile the snow on top of the trees and that makes a nice bank around the rink. In spring when it all melts they discard the trees, and it becomes a marina again.

Near the rink they have a lookout pier which is over the lake and directly opposite Trafalgar Square (Legislature property). The lake is not entirely frozen yet and you can see ducks swimming in the open pools of water.

After skating I enjoyed dinner at the Willow on Wascana and I chose the "Diefenbaker" trout. The menu is dedicated to local meat, fish and produce.
I thought I could take in all of what Saskatchewan had to offer.

My hotel was downtown across from Victoria Park with a small skating rink across from it. Since I had filled my skating quota for the day I didn`t take advantage of it.

I had a great day, it was so nice and sunny and there was no wind and perfect for skating.

Next stop, Winnipeg See you there.

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